Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cute trickling Shrimp Recipes

For the sauce:
1) 10 stalks dried chillies (boiled and chopped fine)
2) 2 cloves garlic (percussion)
3) 1 cm ginger
4) 1 teaspoon salt
5) 2 tablespoons sugar
6) 2 tablespoons sugar
7) ½ cup peanuts (fried without oil & semi-fine grind)
To trickle:
A) 1kg of wheat flour
2) 300 grams of fresh shrimp (small / medium)
3) 2 stalk spring onion (cut kecilkecil)
4) 500 grams of bean sprouts
5) 1 teaspoon baking powder
6) 1 teaspoon salt
7) ½ tsp turmeric powder
8) Water sufficient
9) ½ 1
kg of cooking oil (for frying)

For shrimp sauce trickling:
1) Combine all ingredients except the peanuts in a pot. Reneh and stir
until sugar dissolves. Let it boil for a while.
2) Put the peanuts. Close the fire and set aside.

To trickle:
1) Mix all ingredients except shrimp and cooking oil in a bowl.
Mix milk with enough water. Leave for 1 hour.
2) Meanwhile, heat the oil in a wok.
3) Fold the dough with semi-circular scoop, place 1 / 2 fresh shrimp tails on
mixture. Enter into the hot oil one at a time. Fry up
golden. Lift and drain.
4) Serve with shrimp sauce trickling.
Ready to serve.


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